Social Media is Hard.


Last semester I took my first social media classes. It was the first semester of my senior year, and I was looking for easy electives to fill my schedule. I was in three social media classes expecting to listen to lectures about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Being in my early twenties and on just about every social media site known to man I was thinking the classes were going to be a walk in the park.


But boy was I wrong.


I was taught to create content, schedule posts, and track and interpret analytics. I had no idea that there were methods behind what to say and when to post it depending on who your audience was! I had never realized the time and effort it takes to create a successful brand image on social media.


Something that I found particularly intriguing was learning that social media should not be used to sell a product to customers; it should be used to build relationships. I believe that this rule of thumb makes it more difficult for certain types of businesses to create successful social media content.


For example.


After learning all that I have about social media I decided that I would get my Dad’s business (Dominick’s Gourmet Pasta Sauce) out on social media. His sauce is locally made, hand packed, and available mainly in the Capital Region (around Albany, NY). I developed a social media strategy for me to follow, looking at who his target market was, what type of social media they are most likely to be one, and what type of content I would create.


On paper my strategy looks great. However, the implementation has been much harder than I had expected it to be. It is very difficult to create content. I can only post so many pictures of the sauce in different places on Facebook, and creating tweets is even harder! It has also been hard for me to gain followers on Twitter, I think this is mainly because the majority of the people who purchase the sauce are not on Twitter.


In order to create better content I think that I need to follow more local businesses and see what they are successful with on social media and what they are not successful with to give me a better idea of how to create content for a company similar to my Dad’s.


If you create content for a small business I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or email me at !


Getting LinkedIn to Fitness.

 Before I begin a little background information is needed: “LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations,” basically Facebook for professionals…

When I think of LinkedIn I think about jobs, resumes, job postings, and professional networking. LinkedIn has always been a place where I could connect with people I know in a more professional way then I would on Facebook. I update my LinkedIn profile with my latest education, awards, and work experience, not with pictures I took last weekend.

That being said, I did not realize there was more to LinkedIn than work accomplishments, lists of degrees people received and job information.

HOWEVER, there is more.

Next time you are on LinkedIn hover over the “Interests” tab and click groups, then feel free to search any topic you’re interested in.

I searched “fitness”

Boy did I discover a lot! There were pages and pages of different fitness groups. Some of the groups were open groups that anyone could check out and others were closed which means you have to request to be apart of the group and the administrator of the group approves you to see the group’s posts.

All of groups unique so I decided to check out a few of them. The group I visited was called “Diet and Fitness”. This group asks viewers to join however, you can still see all of the content without joining. There are three types of posts in this group, general, job, and promotion. I found that most of the posts are articles sharing information about diet and fitness. The posts do not seem to get a lot of recognition (likes and comments). A variety of people have posted in the group but there are a few accounts that show up multiple times.Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 10.11.27 PM

The next group I checked out was called “Fitness and Health Professionals”. This group looks a little more professional, the manager of the page has his picture posted on the main page, there are over 40,000 members in the group, and there is a banner running across the page telling viewers to “join the group to receive daily or weekly activity updates.” This group also has members posting interesting articles about health and fitness that are supposed to be sparking discussion between members however, just like the previous group there is very little interaction. This group has one post that has 373 likes and 3,162 comments but it is from March 2011! And after that post the interaction between group members takes a plunge.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 10.11.34 PM

The information and articles that are being posted in these groups’ looks very interesting, which makes me wonder even more why group members aren’t likeing or commenting on the articles. I believe that it could be because people are not actually going to LinkedIn to look for articles like this, people are going to LinkedIn to do the things I mentioned earlier, looking for jobs, posting resumes, etc. People can go so many other places to get interesting, informative articles about health and fitness, so why would they use LinkedIn?

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below!



Jenna Crupi

Fitstagram- Who is Doing it Right?

There are so many Instagram accounts out there that focus on health and fitness, however, not all of them get hundreds even thousands of likes on every picture. Here are some accounts that consistently get a significant amount of likes on almost every picture the account posts:






I was under the impression that in order to get a lot of likes you must have all kinds of crazy hashtags. But boy was I wrong. The pictures that are listed below barely have any hashtags and they get SO many likes!


So this picture received 4480 likes in less than 6 hours, it has only 2 hashtags and has tagged 4 other accounts in the post. Not only does the picture have so many likes, it also has 63 comments! One thing that may help INSTAFITSOCIETY get so many is the fact that it has 251,000 followers, which means that less than 1.9% of its followers like the photo.


This picture received 7500 likes, and it has ZERO hashtags, all the photo has is a decent caption. Similar to the previous account I talked about this account has 308,000 followers, which means that less than 2.4% of its followers liked the picture.



The last account I am taking a look at is FEMALEFITNESSPAGE. This picture that it posted earlier today already has 7071 likes, uses only 1 hashtag, and has a very basic caption. This account has 278,000 followers, which means that less than 2.5% of its followers liked its picture.


So what do all of these accounts have in common? Each has over 200K followers! … And they do not over use hashtags.


Moral of the post: The more followers you have the more likely you are to receive over 1,000 likes on a post! So I guess the real question now is, how does one get 200K + followers!? Comment below if you have any ideas on how to gain mass amounts of followers!



How to use Instagram!

Over the past few months Instagram has become one of my favorite social media platforms. I started using Instagram last spring towards the end of the semester mainly to look at pictures my friends were posting (and I was looking for a new distraction from my school work).At first I wasn’t big on posting pictures, I was too afraid that no one would like any of my pictures leaving me embarrassed that I thought they were good enough to post. Once my semester ended I was recreating a lot of ideas I saw on Pinterest and decided to Instagram them, and boy were they a hit!

I have become quite an avid Instagramer since I first joined so I want to share with you how to Instagram!phone 040

First things first: Download the app on your smart phone or tablet and create an account.

Next:  Follow your friends and any other accounts that look interesting to you

Posting Pictures:  When you are ready to post a picture touch the camera button on the bottom of your screen. I have circled it in red. ——>

phone 041

Next you will then be given the option to take a new picture, or use one from your photo library. If you want to use a photo from your photo library touch the icon I have circled in orange, if you want to capture your own photo tap the icon I have circled in pink (if you want to turn the camera around touch the icon I circled in red), if you want to turn the flash on or off touch the icon I circled in black. If  you are looking to capture a video touch the icon I circled in green.

phone 042



Now it is time to crop the photo if you choose. You can zoom in, or reposition the photo at this time. Once the photo is how you want to touch crop, which I have circled in lime green.

phone 043



Now comes the fun part, editing the photo! All of the filters  you can apply to the photo are circled in brown at the bottom of the screen, I suggest trying a bunch out and choosing the one you like the most. In purple I have circled a tool that allows you to tilt your photo. In pink I circled the tool that allows you to adjust the brightness, and in white I have circled an icon that allows you to choose between a liniar ( – ), radial ( o ), or no tilt shift. Once you are done editing your photo touch next.

phone 044


Last but not least you can add a caption to your photo, you simply touch inside of the area I circled in black and begin typing your caption. This is also where you can add #’s to your photo. Touch inside the red circle to tag other users, and if you wish to share the photo on other social media sites touch their icons inside of the pink circle. To share your picture touch share which is in the top right color (I have circled it with yellow)

CONGRATS! You now know how to post a picture on Instagram!

Let me know if this helped you out! (comment below!)