I guess it’s true…

ImageYou really can break a habit in 21 days! I was a dessert lover before this Lenten season. If you looked up dessert lover in the dictionary you would see a picture of me substituting ice cream for meals, and chocolate for healthy snacks. I could never turn down a cookie or cupcake, and when I would stop for a snack before class I would always have to grab a KitKat or Hersheys bar.


The first week or so was pretty difficult… Every time I would be in line to check out in our student center on campus I wanted to just grab some candy, or after games parents would bring us homemade desserts that looked delicious and I would want one so bad.


But as the days went on it was easier and easier for me to say no to my temptations (unfortunately all of the calories I didn’t consume from desserts, I managed to take in from eating extra meals and extra large portions. Maybe portion control will be my next habit to fix!).


And (almost) 46 days later I am a new woman!


During the past couple of weeks I haven’t even thought about dessert or chocolate. I can walk by the ice cream stand in the cafeteria and not even be tempted to look at the flavors of the day. It is AMAZING!


With Easter coming up this Sunday I should be so excited that I can finally eat dessert again, but I find myself not even craving it anymore. I am slightly terrified that once I have one bite of something sugary it will be downhill from there, and I will want to eat EVERYTHING sugary all the time. However, I am hoping that not only did I break my sugary habit over the past few weeks but that I also developed some will power!


I am 4 days clean!

… and only 42 more days to go!


While in Florida for spring break I started to notice the winter pounds I managed to pack on between September (the last time I had a bathing suit on) and now… Let me tell you, this was not a fun realization! However, I am happy I noticed it now and not the week before Memorial Day weekend (probably the next time I will be in a bathing suit) so that I have time to get my body back into shape for summer.


While coming up with a plan to shed the pounds I was trying to figure out how I even managed to gain them. Over the summer I did a lot of lifting and not so much cardio, and now I do a lot of cardio (I am in the middle of lacrosse season), and not as much lifting. So, I figure those two just cancel each other out.


Then I looked at what has changed in my diet since the summer… I eat the same foods as I did all summer, and have even learned to eat healthier (I am eating a lot more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains than I was over the summer). But then it hit me. All of those afternoons that I stopped and picked up a candy bar before class, got ice cream after dinner, and got a side of onion rings instead of rice had finally caught up to me.


After figuring out how I managed to gain the weight I decided the best way to lose it would be to cut out what made me gain it. And what a better time to do that than Lent! For Lent this year I decided to give up sweets and junk.

Goodbye dessert. 

Goodbye candy.

Goodbye chips.

See ya in 42 days 🙂 !

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