Life Size Jenga!!!

This is a great outdoor game for people of all ages, and it was very easy to make!!

What you will need:

  • 6- 2x4s
  • Tape measure
  • Sharpie
  • Circular saw
  • Electric sander
  • Safety glasses

 Electric Sander2x4scircular sawSafety glasses


Step one – mark each 2×4 every 10.5 inches (this is will be your guide when it comes time to cut the pieces)

Make marks at 10.5”, 21”, 31.5”, 42”, 52.5”, 63”, 73.5”, 84”, 94.5”Measuring Tape

Step two – Saw on each line to make 54 Jenga pieces (9 pieces per 2×4)

Step three – Use your electric sander to sand down the edges if they are roughPlaying JengaFinally Done!Short Stack


How to use Instagram!

Over the past few months Instagram has become one of my favorite social media platforms. I started using Instagram last spring towards the end of the semester mainly to look at pictures my friends were posting (and I was looking for a new distraction from my school work).At first I wasn’t big on posting pictures, I was too afraid that no one would like any of my pictures leaving me embarrassed that I thought they were good enough to post. Once my semester ended I was recreating a lot of ideas I saw on Pinterest and decided to Instagram them, and boy were they a hit!

I have become quite an avid Instagramer since I first joined so I want to share with you how to Instagram!phone 040

First things first: Download the app on your smart phone or tablet and create an account.

Next:  Follow your friends and any other accounts that look interesting to you

Posting Pictures:  When you are ready to post a picture touch the camera button on the bottom of your screen. I have circled it in red. ——>

phone 041

Next you will then be given the option to take a new picture, or use one from your photo library. If you want to use a photo from your photo library touch the icon I have circled in orange, if you want to capture your own photo tap the icon I have circled in pink (if you want to turn the camera around touch the icon I circled in red), if you want to turn the flash on or off touch the icon I circled in black. If  you are looking to capture a video touch the icon I circled in green.

phone 042



Now it is time to crop the photo if you choose. You can zoom in, or reposition the photo at this time. Once the photo is how you want to touch crop, which I have circled in lime green.

phone 043



Now comes the fun part, editing the photo! All of the filters  you can apply to the photo are circled in brown at the bottom of the screen, I suggest trying a bunch out and choosing the one you like the most. In purple I have circled a tool that allows you to tilt your photo. In pink I circled the tool that allows you to adjust the brightness, and in white I have circled an icon that allows you to choose between a liniar ( – ), radial ( o ), or no tilt shift. Once you are done editing your photo touch next.

phone 044


Last but not least you can add a caption to your photo, you simply touch inside of the area I circled in black and begin typing your caption. This is also where you can add #’s to your photo. Touch inside the red circle to tag other users, and if you wish to share the photo on other social media sites touch their icons inside of the pink circle. To share your picture touch share which is in the top right color (I have circled it with yellow)

CONGRATS! You now know how to post a picture on Instagram!

Let me know if this helped you out! (comment below!)