Enough is enough

14 year old Lauren Bush from Texas produced and submitted an anti-bullying video to a contest held by USA Characters unite. Lauren won the contest and Characters Unite created a PSA that was based on/inspired by the video Lauren submitted. Characters unite captured one point Lauren made in her “Word Play” video, negative words (adjectives) are mean, and people should focus more on positive words (adjectives). The PSA depicts this very well.


Laurens video had two other really good points that I feel Characters Unite should have carried over into its PSA.


  1. In Laurens video when someone helps the girl that has been tripped to stand up, right after she helps her she puts a negative word on her, the same thing happens in the lunch room scene. Girls invite the other girl to sit with them and as soon as the girl sits down they put a sign that says “stupid” on her back. This signifies how two-faced people can be, especially in high school.
  2. In Laurens video when the people were taking their own positive words off to put on to the main character in the video and their positive words were covering up negative words describing their own insecurities. Characters Unite did not depict this in their video either.


I think both of these are very important points that Lauren makes in her video. The reason why kids were picking on the main character was because they were covering up their own insecurities. By picking on other people the bullies felt better about themselves.Image