23 Tips for the College Graduate

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There are many students in my class that are graduating this year. Which is really exciting because I’m graduating with them, just with a different degree. At first, it made me nostalgic thinking about my years after college. Then, it made me think of things that I wish someone had told me about secrets to life. It’s important to know what to buy when you move out of your dorm or even how to deal with those crazy roomies. But below are life lessons for life after college:

1.) Always keep learning. Never stop discovering and understanding new concepts.

2.) Be more respectful than you should be to others.

3.) Always say thank you. Even if it is for the smallest gesture.

4.) Your parents are awesome.

5.) Save at least $20/ week for the purpose of seeing new places.

6.) Travel. Travel a lot. And travel to other countries.

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