31 Days Dessert and Candy Free!

It has been 31 days since I had any dessert or candy! I can’t believe I made it this far, I thought for sure I would have cheated after a week.

I surprisingly have not had any cravings for sugary foods, which makes not eating them so much easier. Even though I do not have cravings during the day there are many nights that I find myself having dreams about dessert and candy. The dreams are all pretty similar, I am doing everyday things and there will be one piece of candy on a table and I just eat it, or a cookie lying around, and I take a small bite of it. In all of the dreams as soon as I swallow whatever I had eaten I feel so guilty and bad that I ate it. I am however happy that my cravings all happen in my sleep, I am not sure if I would be to ignore them if they happened during the day!

One thing that I find particularly hard about not eating desserts and candy is telling people “no thank you” when they offer me sweets. I always feel like I am insulting them by not taking any.

I am a little disappointed that I haven’t seen any changes in my body yet. I feel that I am eating healthier and have cut all desserts and candy out of my diet (I thought I used to eat a ton of sweets) but am not seeing results. I read all over the place that it takes four weeks to notice a difference, and I am just past the four-week mark so hopefully I start to see a change soon! I just don’t want to get discouraged if I don’t see results soon!



What I would do to eat all of this!


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