I guess it’s true…

ImageYou really can break a habit in 21 days! I was a dessert lover before this Lenten season. If you looked up dessert lover in the dictionary you would see a picture of me substituting ice cream for meals, and chocolate for healthy snacks. I could never turn down a cookie or cupcake, and when I would stop for a snack before class I would always have to grab a KitKat or Hersheys bar.


The first week or so was pretty difficult… Every time I would be in line to check out in our student center on campus I wanted to just grab some candy, or after games parents would bring us homemade desserts that looked delicious and I would want one so bad.


But as the days went on it was easier and easier for me to say no to my temptations (unfortunately all of the calories I didn’t consume from desserts, I managed to take in from eating extra meals and extra large portions. Maybe portion control will be my next habit to fix!).


And (almost) 46 days later I am a new woman!


During the past couple of weeks I haven’t even thought about dessert or chocolate. I can walk by the ice cream stand in the cafeteria and not even be tempted to look at the flavors of the day. It is AMAZING!


With Easter coming up this Sunday I should be so excited that I can finally eat dessert again, but I find myself not even craving it anymore. I am slightly terrified that once I have one bite of something sugary it will be downhill from there, and I will want to eat EVERYTHING sugary all the time. However, I am hoping that not only did I break my sugary habit over the past few weeks but that I also developed some will power!


Social Media is Hard.


Last semester I took my first social media classes. It was the first semester of my senior year, and I was looking for easy electives to fill my schedule. I was in three social media classes expecting to listen to lectures about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Being in my early twenties and on just about every social media site known to man I was thinking the classes were going to be a walk in the park.


But boy was I wrong.


I was taught to create content, schedule posts, and track and interpret analytics. I had no idea that there were methods behind what to say and when to post it depending on who your audience was! I had never realized the time and effort it takes to create a successful brand image on social media.


Something that I found particularly intriguing was learning that social media should not be used to sell a product to customers; it should be used to build relationships. I believe that this rule of thumb makes it more difficult for certain types of businesses to create successful social media content.


For example.


After learning all that I have about social media I decided that I would get my Dad’s business (Dominick’s Gourmet Pasta Sauce) out on social media. His sauce is locally made, hand packed, and available mainly in the Capital Region (around Albany, NY). I developed a social media strategy for me to follow, looking at who his target market was, what type of social media they are most likely to be one, and what type of content I would create.


On paper my strategy looks great. However, the implementation has been much harder than I had expected it to be. It is very difficult to create content. I can only post so many pictures of the sauce in different places on Facebook, and creating tweets is even harder! It has also been hard for me to gain followers on Twitter, I think this is mainly because the majority of the people who purchase the sauce are not on Twitter.


In order to create better content I think that I need to follow more local businesses and see what they are successful with on social media and what they are not successful with to give me a better idea of how to create content for a company similar to my Dad’s.


If you create content for a small business I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or email me at JennaCrupi@gmail.com !

Terrorism and the Boston Bombings

Pretty interesting! Worth the read!

Thinking Points






I am not a Bostonian, but I do attend school in Boston and therefore was in the city when the Boston Marathon Bombings happened. As the one year anniversary of the event approaches, I’ve done some thinking about the bombings and terrorism in general. Here are a few thoughts:

1) Terrorism is rare. We all have a much higher chance of dying in cars on the highway than we do of dying in a terrorist attack. Therefore, as hard as it may be, we must not be afraid of terrorism.

2) If we do start to fear terrorism, we lose. Terrorists WANT us to cower in fear and ruin our way of life. They know they can’t win any sort of ground war against the United States so they instead try to wage a mental war, they try to strike fear into the heart of every…

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“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters” – Margaret Peters

ImageTime really does show us what matters in life, and I believe that the things that matter in life are what make us truly happy. As time moves forward we learn to appreciate things like family, friends, and education more than we might have in the past.


Going from high school to college was when I realized how much my family really mattered to me. Don’t get me wrong I always loved my family, but I would get in the occasional fight with my parents, and count down the days until I could “get out of this house” telling my parents I couldn’t wait to go to college so I could move out and never come back. Typical teenager stuff, I wanted to get as far away as fast as possible.


But once I went away for college all of that changed.


I must say I had a pretty miserable freshmen year. Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong, my roommate and I didn’t get along and she moved out, lacrosse didn’t go how I had planned it would, and I was too shy for my own good.


My family was the only thing that could make me happy that year. I would count down the days until I would get to see them, call my parents 10 times a day, and just seeing pictures of any of my aunts, uncles, and cousins would make me smile.


A lot has changed since my freshmen year. I finally adjusted to college, made new friends, and figured out how to make the best of my college years.


However, one thing stayed the same, how much my family matters to me, and how happy they make me.

Enough is enough

14 year old Lauren Bush from Texas produced and submitted an anti-bullying video to a contest held by USA Characters unite. Lauren won the contest and Characters Unite created a PSA that was based on/inspired by the video Lauren submitted. Characters unite captured one point Lauren made in her “Word Play” video, negative words (adjectives) are mean, and people should focus more on positive words (adjectives). The PSA depicts this very well.


Laurens video had two other really good points that I feel Characters Unite should have carried over into its PSA.


  1. In Laurens video when someone helps the girl that has been tripped to stand up, right after she helps her she puts a negative word on her, the same thing happens in the lunch room scene. Girls invite the other girl to sit with them and as soon as the girl sits down they put a sign that says “stupid” on her back. This signifies how two-faced people can be, especially in high school.
  2. In Laurens video when the people were taking their own positive words off to put on to the main character in the video and their positive words were covering up negative words describing their own insecurities. Characters Unite did not depict this in their video either.


I think both of these are very important points that Lauren makes in her video. The reason why kids were picking on the main character was because they were covering up their own insecurities. By picking on other people the bullies felt better about themselves.Image

31 Days Dessert and Candy Free!

It has been 31 days since I had any dessert or candy! I can’t believe I made it this far, I thought for sure I would have cheated after a week.

I surprisingly have not had any cravings for sugary foods, which makes not eating them so much easier. Even though I do not have cravings during the day there are many nights that I find myself having dreams about dessert and candy. The dreams are all pretty similar, I am doing everyday things and there will be one piece of candy on a table and I just eat it, or a cookie lying around, and I take a small bite of it. In all of the dreams as soon as I swallow whatever I had eaten I feel so guilty and bad that I ate it. I am however happy that my cravings all happen in my sleep, I am not sure if I would be to ignore them if they happened during the day!

One thing that I find particularly hard about not eating desserts and candy is telling people “no thank you” when they offer me sweets. I always feel like I am insulting them by not taking any.

I am a little disappointed that I haven’t seen any changes in my body yet. I feel that I am eating healthier and have cut all desserts and candy out of my diet (I thought I used to eat a ton of sweets) but am not seeing results. I read all over the place that it takes four weeks to notice a difference, and I am just past the four-week mark so hopefully I start to see a change soon! I just don’t want to get discouraged if I don’t see results soon!



What I would do to eat all of this!