Leadership in your 20s

“What I’ve seen from watching others take on these roles is that many are not mature enough for this type of power. There are a lot of people out there who have leadership qualities, but do not yet know how to use their power in a rational, educated manner.” 

Above is an line from How to be a successful leader while in you’re 20s. Check out the article, it does a great job explaining how important maturity and self identity is when being a successful leader. 




House of Cards

If you enjoy House of Cards check out this post/video!

Thinking Points

I don’t watch House of Cards, but I know it’s very popular. This video talks about the economics behind much of the show, and partly explains why our country is in so much debt and why politicians just can’t resist spending taxpayer money. The video is from econstories, who made the excellent Keynes vs Hayek raps (which can be found on their website, just look under “videos”. They also made a Dallas Buyers Club economics video that explains how good intentioned government regulation can cause needless deaths.

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More on the Purpose

Thinking Points

I am still trying to get the hang of the whole blogging thing and I appreciate everyone who checked out my first post and I hope you enjoyed it (and hopefully found time to watch the video, it really is good). Today I really want to focus on the purpose of this blog, because I think it is really important to explain. 

I am a conservative person with some libertarian leanings. Basically, I am more of a classic liberal, enjoying small government thinkers such as John Locke, Adam Smith, F.A. Hayek and the like. More on my political philosophy will hashed out later, and I’m sure I will expend many many words doing it.

But back to purpose. 

Seeing as I’m from New York, and am a college student in Boston, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I am used to being around people who do not think the same way as…

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I am 4 days clean!

… and only 42 more days to go!


While in Florida for spring break I started to notice the winter pounds I managed to pack on between September (the last time I had a bathing suit on) and now… Let me tell you, this was not a fun realization! However, I am happy I noticed it now and not the week before Memorial Day weekend (probably the next time I will be in a bathing suit) so that I have time to get my body back into shape for summer.


While coming up with a plan to shed the pounds I was trying to figure out how I even managed to gain them. Over the summer I did a lot of lifting and not so much cardio, and now I do a lot of cardio (I am in the middle of lacrosse season), and not as much lifting. So, I figure those two just cancel each other out.


Then I looked at what has changed in my diet since the summer… I eat the same foods as I did all summer, and have even learned to eat healthier (I am eating a lot more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains than I was over the summer). But then it hit me. All of those afternoons that I stopped and picked up a candy bar before class, got ice cream after dinner, and got a side of onion rings instead of rice had finally caught up to me.


After figuring out how I managed to gain the weight I decided the best way to lose it would be to cut out what made me gain it. And what a better time to do that than Lent! For Lent this year I decided to give up sweets and junk.

Goodbye dessert. 

Goodbye candy.

Goodbye chips.

See ya in 42 days 🙂 !

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