If the eyes wander, so will the body.

 5 things I discovered while doing a yoga routine from www.doyogawithme.com 

  1. My arms are WAY heavier than I thought.

During the first half of the video (5 minutes) I needed to keep my arms either above my head or at shoulder height, and boy did my shoulders feel the burn!

2. Michelle Rubin (instructor) is a psychic!

Throughout the video Michelle would say things such as  “your weight is probably all on your outside pinky toe” – then I would evaluate where my weight was, and believe it or not it was all on my outside pinky toes and I really needed to focus to shift it to my big toes.

3. “If the eyes wander, so will the body”

Michelle said this many times throughout the video when we were doing exercises on one foot. She instructed me to find a spot on the floor and not take my eyes off of it, because if I did I would lose my balance. I tested her and let my eyes wander, and then almost feel over.

4. Don’t wear socks when doing yoga.

Wearing socks restricts you from being able to spread your toes and really root your body into the ground (which also helps to keep you balanced)

5.There is an easy way to keep your heels from wobbling when you’re on your toes.

Pretend that you are trying to squish something (such as a chopstick) using both of your heels. This makes your heels stop wobbling!


Here is the link to the video! Try it out! : http://www.doyogawithme.com/content/yoga-athletes-mogul-muncher


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