If the eyes wander, so will the body.

 5 things I discovered while doing a yoga routine from www.doyogawithme.com 

  1. My arms are WAY heavier than I thought.

During the first half of the video (5 minutes) I needed to keep my arms either above my head or at shoulder height, and boy did my shoulders feel the burn!

2. Michelle Rubin (instructor) is a psychic!

Throughout the video Michelle would say things such as  “your weight is probably all on your outside pinky toe” – then I would evaluate where my weight was, and believe it or not it was all on my outside pinky toes and I really needed to focus to shift it to my big toes.

3. “If the eyes wander, so will the body”

Michelle said this many times throughout the video when we were doing exercises on one foot. She instructed me to find a spot on the floor and not take my eyes off of it, because if I did I would lose my balance. I tested her and let my eyes wander, and then almost feel over.

4. Don’t wear socks when doing yoga.

Wearing socks restricts you from being able to spread your toes and really root your body into the ground (which also helps to keep you balanced)

5.There is an easy way to keep your heels from wobbling when you’re on your toes.

Pretend that you are trying to squish something (such as a chopstick) using both of your heels. This makes your heels stop wobbling!


Here is the link to the video! Try it out! : http://www.doyogawithme.com/content/yoga-athletes-mogul-muncher


Three (Free) ways to work out online at home!

Why working out at home is ideal:

-You don’t need to drive to the gym

-You don’t need a membership

-People won’t see you all gross and sweaty

-You can do it when you have awkward free time (enough to workout but not enough if you have to get ready, drive to the gym, and drive back)

-Limited distractions, kind of – assuming you’re home alone, no one ever calls your house phone, your cell is on ‘Do not disturb’ and you have no pets.


Why working out at home fails:

-Human distractions (kids, roommates)

-Phone won’t stop ringing

-You realize you should probably clean/organize something

-It’s easy to just not do it

-It’s easy to Pin and save the workouts, but hard to actually doing them!


I am extremely guilty of finding awesome at home workouts, putting them on Pinterest, having great intentions of doing them… and then just forgetting about them. Last week instead of doing a workout that was basically just a list of things I could check off once I had completed them I followed a workout video instead. Boy did it make a difference.


It was much easier to stick with the workout when someone was telling you what you needed to do, and doing it with you! It was like having a virtual gym partner! The workout I did was part of the T25 series and was 25 minutes of moving. The time flew by and I felt great after completing the workout.


After having a lot of fun with the T25 video I looked for other workout videos online and came across these three great (free) sites!



This is a YouTube channel featuring hundreds of workout videos. The videos focus on working out different body parts using all different techniques. There are yoga, Pilates, dance, and various other categories of videos. My favorite part of this YouTube channel is that over 100 of the videos are Jillian Michael workout videos! How cool is that!



This website has a ton of free yoga videos! The videos are categorized by style, teacher, difficulty, and duration making it really easy to find the perfect video to fill the free time you might have. There are three levels of difficulty, beginner, intermediate, and advanced (I haven’t made it past beginner yet!).


Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is similar to Doyogawithme.com except it has all different types of exercise videos. Each video lists the duration of the workout, a range of the amount of calories you can burn doing the workout, the difficulty of the workout (on a scale of 1-5), the equipment you need to complete the workout, and what body part the video focuses on. It is very easy to filter videos on this site, for example if you want to do a workout using a sand bag you check off the sandbag box and the search results will give you all the available videos that use sandbags. My favorite part of this video search tool is that you can search for videos based on how many calories you want to burn! 

__ Too Thin _√_ Not Too Thin

The Biggest Loser season 15 finale aired this past Tuesday, and boy was it filled with some incredible transformations. Both the at home contestants (people who had been eliminated from the show) and the 3 finalist looked PHENOMENAL.

 Rachel Frederickson was crowned the biggest loser after losing 155lbs, 60% of her body weight, during the 7 ½ month biggest loser competition, and boy did she look amazing at the finale!

When 24-year-old Rachel started The Biggest Loser she was 260lbs and very unhappy with her life and some of the decisions she had made. In high school she was a 3 time state champion swimmer and was offered scholarships by many colleges to swim however, turned all of that down, quit swimming, and moved to Germany with a boy she fell in love with. When things didn’t work out with her boyfriend Rachel moved back to the States, went to pastry school, worked at a handful of different jobs, and moved back home just in time to deal with her parents recent divorce.

This is when Rachel realized that she needed to make some changes in her life and applied for The Biggest Loser. In Rachel’s interview video she said “I was very hard on myself for some of the decisions I made. I’m ready to become that strong and confident girl again, to free myself from the past, live in the present and make the changes I need to be happy with myself and live the life I always imagined.”

Rachel proved this when she arrived at The Biggest Loser ranch and was constantly working hard and pushing herself to get through the workouts, win challenges, and stay focused. This all paid off because Rachel made it to make over week, won The Biggest Loser sprint triathlon, and won the ultimate prize of being The Biggest Loser.

However, thanks to the critical lens that many had on, on Tuesday night, Rachel cannot even fully enjoy what she has accomplished because people are now saying she is “too thin” and assuming things like she’s anorexic.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”

If Rachel hadn’t decided to change her life and lose weight people would criticize her for being a 260lb 24 year old. People would probably stare at her a little in public noticing that she’s on the larger size, they might make jokes at her expense, and just continue to put her down by saying hurtful things.

Rachel has changed her life, lost weight, and people are STILL criticizing how she looks, putting her down, and saying things that are especially hurtful for someone who spent so much time and energy to look how she does today.

You just can’t ever win I guess!

If Rachel started at 130lbs and lost only 25lbs would people still say she looks “too thin”, or would they think she looks good? Do people believe she looks too thin because when you compare the new and improved Rachel to the old Rachel she looks significantly smaller?

I think Rachel looks great! She is 24 years old, a size 2 (something she probably never thought she would be!), she looks strong and happy, $250,000 richer, and ready to start her new life.

How about we just let her enjoy it 🙂

If I Lived In A World With Less Pain…Promote Yourself

This is pretty inspiring, check it out!




If I Lived In A World With Less Pain….


I Would if I Could

I am Joy and I want the world to know,

What I would do if this were so.


If I lived in a world with less pain, this is what you would see.

A world filled with less struggles and strain, aching to be free.


I would be a voice that does not go unheard.

But instead be one of distinction to serve,

A community of people with better places to go

In their provision of care that exceeds “the pain world” we’ve come to know.


Pain as it is, with treatment that works.

Not pushed or stereotyped merely because we “irk”,

The professional that thinks we all are the same,

Prescribing a drug that has the same name,

Even if our conditions are in different range



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