When you are in the gym and you don’t know what to do, #QRCode

How cool would it be to have a personal trainer attached at the hip (or arm depending on where you secure your phone when you work out) throughout your whole work out? Someone who could answer your questions about how to properly use a machine, or give you ideas of exercises and workouts you could do.

The answer lies in QR codes

Imagine yourself at the gym, you’re feeling ambitious so you go over to a machine that you have never used before, sit down, and then realize you have no idea how to work the equipment. You stare at the diagram and directions and it still isn’t click. Now you have to decide, “Do I go and ask someone what do to, or just skip the exercise and move on?” You are still feeling extra motivated so you go to the front desk, ask for some assistance, but as you are approaching the machine with the staff member you find there is someone using it. Great, now you have to make small talk with the staff member until the person is done and you are wasting valuable workout time.

You know what would have made this situation a whole lot easier: QR codes.

If there was a QR code on the machine people looking to learn how to use the machine could quickly scan it with their phone and they would be connected to a video of someone talking them through the exercise, and giving them tips and tricks about how to use the machine.

This isn’t the only way QR codes would be helpful in a gym…

How many times do you find yourself sitting on a mat at the gym unsure of what core exercise or stretch you should do next? What if there was QR codes on the mat that you could scan to bring you videos of a series of exercises and stretches to do? How cool would that be!

Jenna Crupi


If you are unfamiliar with QR codes this is what they look like, you can find them EVERYWHERE. By scanning these codes with your phone you are brought to different content on the Internet that the creator of the code wants you to see!


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