Fitness Videos, What’s Hot and What’s Not.

When you are looking for great fitness channels on YouTube what do you look for? I look for:

  • Videos with fit people in them
  • Fun videos
  • Interactive videos
  • Instructional videos
  • Informative videos

I decided to look for successful fitness channels on YouTube to see if the characteristics I look for in a fitness channel are the same as others.

After looking at many fitness channels Made Fit TV stood out to me! Here is a short blurb about Made Fit TV –“Made Fit TV provides health and fitness information and entertainment to everyone! I’m Jennifer DiDonato, a certified personal trainer. I provide a simple and fun approach to exercise and weight-loss through my knowledge, experience, and love for it!”

Made Fit TV has posted over 150 videos in the past four years, every video different from the one before it! Jennifer mixes up the types of videos she creates, posting informative videos, instructional videos, and how to (cook healthy foods) videos. Jennifer stars in all of her own videos looking very fit, which leads me to think that the information she is sharing in her videos actually works. Jennifer also interacts with all of her YouTube followers by responding to most of the comments they leave about her videos.

I really enjoyed Made Fit TV’s workout videos, there were workout videos for when viewers have no equipment, when they are in hotels, or just need to get a good stretch in. Made Fit TV’s second most popular video was titled “Tabata Training Method”, the video received 141,337 views and was created in response to viewers questions about Tabata Training. The video was so popular that Made Fit TV produced “Tabata Training Method-Part 2”, which received 252,602 views. Both videos explain what tabata training is, why it works, and then Jennifer gives her viewers a tabata style workout to complete. Jennifer explained all of the different exercises needed for the workout and demonstrated each of them.

Check out Made Fit TV’s Tabata Training Method video below!

While I was searching for popular fitness channels/videos I did come across some accounts that have not quite mastered the art of getting views. One channel that could use some tips from Made Fit TV is MasterFreestyleTSP. This channel has 23 videos and averages about 9 likes per video. A majority of MasterFreestyleTSP’s videos are under a minute long and are simply of him doing an exercise. Every fitness video is titled “Fitness”, and he does not even tell viewers what exercise he is demonstrating.

Here’s a peek at one of his videos:


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