Fitstagram- Who is Doing it Right?

There are so many Instagram accounts out there that focus on health and fitness, however, not all of them get hundreds even thousands of likes on every picture. Here are some accounts that consistently get a significant amount of likes on almost every picture the account posts:






I was under the impression that in order to get a lot of likes you must have all kinds of crazy hashtags. But boy was I wrong. The pictures that are listed below barely have any hashtags and they get SO many likes!


So this picture received 4480 likes in less than 6 hours, it has only 2 hashtags and has tagged 4 other accounts in the post. Not only does the picture have so many likes, it also has 63 comments! One thing that may help INSTAFITSOCIETY get so many is the fact that it has 251,000 followers, which means that less than 1.9% of its followers like the photo.


This picture received 7500 likes, and it has ZERO hashtags, all the photo has is a decent caption. Similar to the previous account I talked about this account has 308,000 followers, which means that less than 2.4% of its followers liked the picture.



The last account I am taking a look at is FEMALEFITNESSPAGE. This picture that it posted earlier today already has 7071 likes, uses only 1 hashtag, and has a very basic caption. This account has 278,000 followers, which means that less than 2.5% of its followers liked its picture.


So what do all of these accounts have in common? Each has over 200K followers! … And they do not over use hashtags.


Moral of the post: The more followers you have the more likely you are to receive over 1,000 likes on a post! So I guess the real question now is, how does one get 200K + followers!? Comment below if you have any ideas on how to gain mass amounts of followers!




3 thoughts on “Fitstagram- Who is Doing it Right?

  1. love the insight! I hashtag like crazy 🙂

  2. Playing around with hashtags. And the time of the day you post I guess would be the way to go. I noticed that when all the fitstagrammers are online they tend to lurk in their hashtag of choice. A lot of promotion and shoutouts and f4f.
    I really can’t be bothered with it anymore. ^_^

    Have a Healthy Holiday!
    Lara Novales
    Thinspirational Journey | Fit, Healthy & Beautiful

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