NCAA Leadership Forum #SALeaders #TeamYellow


This weekend I was given the AMAZING opportunity to attend the NCAA Leadership Forum held in Providence, Rhode Island with over 500 other student athletes a

nd athletic professionals. The forum comes around every four years and 2 students are chosen to represent each school at the D1, D2, and D3 level that are located in the region the conference is held. I got to listen to incredible

speakers, learn a lot, meet a TON of awesome people (TEAM YELLOW!!!!), learn to wobble, and further develop my leadership skills.

Chris Herren was the first speaker to share his story with us about decision making and how to re-brand ourselves after facing personal challenges. Chris was an amazing basketball player from Fall River, MA, attended Fresno State, was drafted by the Celtics, and became addicted to drugs. He shared with us stories of his overdoses, how his family reacted to each situation, and how he was able to turn his life around.
Chris said two things that really stuck with me:

“Be a pro at being you”
“If you were a kid would you look up to you?”

We also heard from Rayna Dubose a former basketball player from Virginia Tech who collapsed at practice one day because she was suffering from bacterial meningococcal meningitis. The disease took both Rayna’s arms below the elbow, and legs below the knee. She shared with us her story of how she over came adversity and became the strong woman she is today. It was so inspiring to hear her story and how positive she is about her situation, it really made me put my so called “problems” into perspective and realize that they shouldn’t even be considered problems. The funniest part of Rayna’s presentation was when she told us how she occasionally leaves her left arm at her friend’s house!

The last speaker we heard from was Sam Davidson. He shared with us how he learned how to be a leader at a young age, and how your values and actions connect with what type of leader you are. He explained all of that through a story he had from second grade!

Prior to attending the forum everyone had to fill out a DiSC assessment, this was a short questionnaire that was used to determine if the person filling it out is a D, i, S, or C. You can click here to take the DiSC assessment! When we congregated in our color teams we discussed the results of our own DiSC assessments, and then how we could use what we learned about all of the styles to better interact with people that have a different style then our own.


DiSC assessment.. zoom in to see!

My DiSC assessment said I was an iS. If you look at the picture all of the checks are traits I think I have an all of the x’s I don’t agree with, however you can see that there are a TON of checks!

I also had the opportunity to do a service project with my color team. We made fleece blankets and stuffed teddy bears used to create gift bags for children at the St. Mary’s Home for Children in Providence.

Team Yellow!

Team Yellow after completing our service project!

Gift bags!

Gift bags!


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