Who is interested in these crazy fitness blogs anyways?

There is a fitness blog out there for everyone! There are fitness blogs for moms, teens, drastic weight loss, and the list goes on! You can find a fitness blog about any and every aspect of health and fitness!

I would like everyone to a part of my target audience; however I know that that is not realistic (see, I did learn something in my marketing class!).  Here are some characteristics of the people I feel would be most interested in my blog:

–          Women ages 18-29

–          Women looking to get in shape

–          People who love pictures and motivational quotes

–          Critics (Groundswell lingo!!)

–          Collectors (More Groundswell lingo)

–          Joiners (yes, you guessed it Groundswell)

–          Contributors (COBRA typology)

Ironically… 7 of my 10 followers are guys! There is Julian Sherman, Joe Seeber, Kendall F. Person, Eric Carlson, Chef Tai, Andrew Hines, and Reaching Utopia! …Want to know something even funnier?! Most of these male followers have nothing to do with fitness! Go figure!

It is very interesting to compare your target audience goals to your actual audience. I wish that WordPress allowed me to see the interests of all of my viewers (people who take a peek at my blog but don’t sign up to follow me! Tsk tsk to you all!) because then I believe that those people better match the description of my target audience.

Do you write your own blog? Leave a comment describing your target audience and how you get your blog to them!


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