A Look at Three VERY Different Health and Fitness Blogs!

Earlier this year Greatlist.com released “The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness in 2012”. Greatlist.com complied this list by ranking health and fitness influencers by their social reach, trends, media coverage, and other variables. I then went through the list and picked out my favorite influencers on the list that I will now share with you!

Number one on the list was Michelle Obama, and her “Let’s Move” campaign. Let’s Move is America’s move to raise a healthier generation of kids and solve the problem of obesity in the US. Let’s Move has a blog, Twitter account, Facebook account, and YouTube channel.

As of 10/15/13 the Let’s Move blog, Twitter, Facebook are inactive due to the government shut down, however users can still see posts prior to the shut down.

The Let’s Move Twitter and Facebook are both very impressive. Prior to the shut down there were multiple tweets and Facebook posts a day. Most of the tweets started with “Tip of the day…” and go on to give a health and fitness fact or tip to help increase the physical activity of children and to get them to eat healthier foods. The Facebook page was filled with pictures and exciting updates.

Bob Harper is another one of my favorites from the list; I absolutely LOVE him on The Biggest Loser! However, his blog was a disappointing. Bob’s blog does a lot of promoting of the products he is currently selling such as his new work out DVDs (I was expecting a blog full of nutrition plans and workouts!). Bob’s Twitter and Facebook make up for what his blog lacks though! Bob’s is constantly tweeting what he is doing, inspiration, motivation, tips, and pictures of himself. A majority of what Bob tweets also shows up on his Facebook.

Eric Cressey is also health and fitness influencer that made the list of top health and fitness influencers (and that I chose to highlight mainly because of my love for baseball and boys who play it). Eric Cressey is present on Twitter, Facebook, and writes his own blog. Cressey is very active on Facebook posting multiple pictures, articles, and statuses daily. Cressey tweets a TON. He tweets about the different athletes that have been in the gym that day, fitness tips, articles he finds, and information about injuries and rehabbing them. His blog is filled with information about how to properly lift weights and lifting for baseball players. There are also many videos demonstrating the workouts he writes about. 


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