Sex sells, and so does extreme transformations


During the past couple weeks I have been looking at a TON of fitness blogs, Twitter accounts, Instagram posts and Tumblr accounts to try and figure out what people want to see in these places in regards to health and fitness. Do they w

ant workouts, pictures, recipes, success stories or motivational quotes? I have found that everyone enjoys a motivational quote, a few recipes, and workouts mixed in here and there, but what people LOVE is skin and extreme transformations.

I could not tell you how many Instagram posts of six packs and perfectly round bums I have seen! Women working out in itty-bitty sports


bras and spandex, and guys lifting in just gym shorts. These posts ALWAYS receive the most likes. The same goes for before and after pictures of people who have lost a ton of weight. The more weight the people lost in the pictures the more likes the pictures seemed to get!

It makes sense why these posts get the most recognition, who wouldn’t want to see an amazing transformation, or a picture of the body they wish they had? Before and after pictures, and pictures that show skin are used to motivate the people who are following the accounts. When I see these pictures I instantly want to look like the people in them, unfortunately I don’t quite have the will power to do so!

Reading about healthy recipes and work out plans works for some people. However seeing pictures of what hard work and dedication can do has so much more power. Pictures can motivate someone to continue to work toward 56512c799b7810c75d10b363d3ab32catheir goals of living a healthier lifestyle. Seeing is believing.

Jenna Crupi


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