Fitness Freaks Take on Social Media

Every major social media platform that you turn to has its own health and fitness community. There are countless Twitter accounts one can follow for fitness tips and advice, as well as Instagram accounts that provide users with visual fitness motivation. Pinterest makes it easy for anyone to find a work out to do! THERE ARE NO MORE EXCUSSES TO NOT BE FIT!

There are health and fitness blogs for every type of healthy lifestyle you could imagine!

There are blogs that track weight loss and lifestyle changes, as well as blogs for nerds who want to get fit! Here’s a great blog for a yoga lovers to check out! Are you looking to get buff? Check out Jason’s blog! Last but not least there are Mommy fitness blogs where moms can find great work outs, recipes, and tips on how to balance being a mom and staying fit!

Do you want to know what is great about most blogs? The people writing them are just like you and me! They are normal people sharing with us their first hand experience of how they are staying (or getting) healthy and fit.

Fitness in social media has such a high demand right now that there was a fitness and health social media conference held in Colorado this past September. The conference gave health and fitness bloggers the opportunity to discuss the communication of cutting-edge health and fitness information to the public using blogging and social media. Bloggers attended presentations to learn how to best use blogging and social media to promote health and fitness.

Twitter, blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest are not the only social platforms where health and fitness communities reside. There are countless other networks such as Fitocracy, Extra Pounds, Daily Mile, Traineo and Map My Fitness. All of these networks allow people to connect through fitness activities. As I mentioned early there are no more excuses to not be fit, there are so many free resources online to help people live healthy!


Jenna Crupi


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