Life Size Jenga!!!

This is a great outdoor game for people of all ages, and it was very easy to make!!

What you will need:

  • 6- 2x4s
  • Tape measure
  • Sharpie
  • Circular saw
  • Electric sander
  • Safety glasses

 Electric Sander2x4scircular sawSafety glasses


Step one – mark each 2×4 every 10.5 inches (this is will be your guide when it comes time to cut the pieces)

Make marks at 10.5”, 21”, 31.5”, 42”, 52.5”, 63”, 73.5”, 84”, 94.5”Measuring Tape

Step two – Saw on each line to make 54 Jenga pieces (9 pieces per 2×4)

Step three – Use your electric sander to sand down the edges if they are roughPlaying JengaFinally Done!Short Stack



As I approached graduation back in May I began to realize there was a lot more to graduation than receiving a diploma. I was going to have to say goodbye to my professors, my friends, and all the activities/jobs that kept me busy (and sane) over the past four years. I saw this as the next big challenge I would be faced with. And boy was I right.


I went from having a couple hours of free time a week, to only being busy for a couple hours per week. I was going crazy.


So I started reading… a lot… Until that began to bore me, so I organized my closets, drawers, room, and anything else I could find that needed organizing. At this point of my summer I was still job searching, had read a ton, was very organized, and still bored.


I decided I would begin to learn to use my new Canon Rebel T3i.


I have taught myself all of the basic functions (I think!) my camera has, and have attempted to do a couple of creative things but I still want to learn more. I plan to treat myself to a photography class as soon as I land my first job! I am hoping that I will learn even more about photography, my camera, and Photoshop in whatever class I decide to take!


Stay tuned for updates on my latest hobby!

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